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Frontier Jackson's 500mg Unflavored CBD Oil

500mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

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Frontier Jackson's 4000mg Unflavored CBD Oil

4000mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture


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“My husband suffered from Alzheimer’s disease with accompanying aphasia and apraxia…When we learned that CBD oil had been used successfully with Parkinson and Epilepsy patients, we decided to give it a try. We had great success. His tremors and jerks lessened to a great degree, he was aware of what was going on around him, and knew his family until the very end.”
Diane H.

“I am a 77-year-old male and, up until a couple of months ago, had suffered from neck and back discomfort for the past two years. I had tried a number of traditional medical treatments for the condition with little success. I had gotten some temporary relief from acupuncture treatments, but the condition would return about three weeks after the treatment. Toward the end of the acupuncture regimen, I began taking CBD oil and have not been troubled with the condition since taking the oil daily.”

“I have RA which causes pain and stiffness in my hands, wrist,back and feet…Before taking the tincture I could not make a fist with my right hand but could so about an hour after taking the CBD. I would compare the results I get with the CBD oil with the results I get from taking about 1200mg of Ibuprofen/Aleve but without the side effects they pose for my stomach.”
John P.

The Power of Hemp Harnessed

Known as the entourage effect, CBD is more effective when working alongside the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins found in hemp.  This is why we extract from the entire hemp plant and offer full spectrum CBD oil, rather than isolating the CBD.




100+ Cannabinoids





Dedicated to Quality

  • Extracted from high-quality industrial hemp
  • CO2 extraction keeps the product safe and pure
  • All-natural, non-GMO, pesticide-free CBD oil

Complete Transparency

All Frontier Jackson CBD oil is lab tested and includes a certificate of analysis, providing a transparent look into exactly what is in our products. See for yourself:

 Why You’ll Love CBD Oil



Taken Sublingually

Taking CBD under the tongue is preferred by many because it provides fast, efficient absorption, lasting relief, and whole-body support.


Flexible Dosing

With CBD oil, you can make small dosing adjustments to fit your body’s needs.


Wide Range of CBD Concentrations

Frontier Jackson’s CBD oil products range from 16.6mg of CBD per serving to 66.6mg.

Considerations When Shopping for CBD Tinctures

Identifying if CBD Tinctures Are Right for You

CBD tinctures are highly popular and for good reason. They offer an effective and efficient way to distribute CBD to receptors throughout your body and brain. This makes them a great choice for anyone looking for both the physical and mental benefits that CBD is linked to.

Choosing the Best CBD Concentration for You

One great benefit of CBD tinctures is the large range of CBD concentrations they’re available in. If you’re new to CBD, start with a lower concentration like our 16.6mg/ml option. If you’ve used CBD before and feel like stronger concentrations would be beneficial, we also offer 33.3 and 66.6mg/ml concentrations.

Choosing Flavored or Unflavored CBD Oil

Frontier Jackson offers both flavored and unflavored versions of our CBD oil tinctures. If you know that you don’t enjoy the “hemp” taste, our mixed berry flavored tinctures are a great option.

Still Not Sure What to Buy?

If you’re just trying CBD for the first time, it can be hard to make a decision or know which product will work best for you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, our starter pack is a great place to start. It provides an affordable introduction and includes both a CBD tincture and CBD gummies.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oils & Tinctures

Do CBD tinctures contain THC?

Yes, full spectrum hemp CBD tinctures do contain trace amounts of THC. Because our CBD oil is derived from industrial hemp, the amount of THC is under the legal limit of .3%.

Do CBD tinctures need to be refrigerated?

CBD tinctures don’t need to be refrigerated and refrigerating your CBD oil can make it thicker and harder to use. If you have an extra bottle that you’d like to preserve until you’re ready to use it, it’s okay to store your CBD in a fridge.

Can CBD tinctures be used topically?

Yes, they can. If you want to use the oil from a CBD tincture on an area of skin or a muscle that is giving you issues, it can be used topically. If you plan to use CBD for these purposes regularly, we suggest checking out our topical CBD products, which are designed specifically for this purpose.

Do CBD tinctures expire?

CBD oil does expire, but this takes roughly one to two years to happen. So as long as you use your CBD tincture after ordering, there’s nothing to worry about.

Can you vape CBD oil/tinctures?

No. CBD oil is not designed to be vaped. If you are interested in vaping CBD, make sure you use a product specifically designed for vaping like our 500mg CBD eliquid.

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