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Try two of our most popular products at one low cost. The CBD Starter Pack includes our Flavored CBD Tincture and our CBD Gummy Drops. These products have different delivery methods and CBD amounts. This allows you to experience the benefits of CBD, while beginning the journey towards finding the perfect CBD option for your needs.

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5 reviews for CBD Starter Pack

  1. Chris

    Prior to using Frontier Jackson products, I was a CBD novice. I had followed the legislative processes surrounding its eventual approval and I was aware of some of the claims regarding chronic pain management and generalized stress/anxiety relief but this represented the extent of my knowledge. I wasn’t a skeptic; however, I was probably in the camp that somewhat dismissed CBD because benefits had to be marginal. I’ve come to find that I was quite wrong.

    First, some background. I am relatively young, healthy and obtain enjoyment in pushing myself to training and athletic limits virtually every day. This has been my MO for at least 20 years. I’ve grown accustomed to the physical and mental symptoms that typically accompanies prolonged periods of intensity. Tiredness, inflammation, soreness, tightness and mental fatigue being the catch-alls. While I’ve historically done a pretty good job availing myself of common recovery techniques–soft tissue, mobility work, icing, nutrition, etc., I had nonetheless grown to accept that chronic, light to moderate discomfort was unavoidable.

    For me, FJ CBD has proven to be a game changer. I began with the Starter Pack and used 1mL of Tincture upon waking and 1 Gummy Drop 45 minutes prior to bed. In as little as 2 days, I began to notice significant improvements in the above described symptoms. Though hard to quantify, I would characterize my post workout recoveries as being improved by 50% to 100%, in terms of both duration and quality. It’s been some time that I can recall being as “ready” for training the next day after pushing it. Generally, I began to notice that I was waking up and moving throughout the day with better ease and mobility. Adding light mobility and stretching enhanced the improvements. Another good way for me to access improvements in recovery is also to think about my warm-up/turn-on routines and how much feels required. Traditionally, I’ve felt like I’ve needed at least 15-20 min, on average to properly activate, feel limber and be ready to train. After using FJ CBD for a week, I felt like I could easily reduce turn-on by half and often-times it didn’t feel necessary all together. I know my body and my routines well enough to feel comfortable claiming that my results are scientifically significant and that placebo effect can be ruled out. I feel looser, more limber and switched on from the start. I like to think of it as beginning with a higher baseline.

    I have noticed other sports-related benefits as well. Body awareness is improved. If your sports are those such as swimming, skiing, rowing, golf, running, tennis; etc.; then, I believe you will notice meaningful improvements in performance. A portion of this comes from the recovery benefits described above. But the enhanced mental focus and mind-body connections that CBD seems to promote leads to stronger and more efficient movement patterns. I feel like I’m more capable of generating a relaxed and connected type of strength while focusing on technique. Additionally, the ability to “slow things down” mentally is enhanced. The mind seems to stay calmer despite demands being placed on the body. Combine these facets and you have a good recipe for endurance in my opinion. For those who use visualization and meditation techniques, I believe you will find improvements as well.

    The positive impacts on sleep quality and generalized anxiety have been articulated by others and my findings are consistent. My intent is to share some feedback from an athletic perspective in hopes that it may find and help people who, like I was, aren’t aware of the performance potential. I have not noticed any side effects.

    After a week or so, I settled into a protocol of 1mL Tincture upon waking, 1 Gummy Drop post training and 1mL Tincture prior to bed. I find the post-workout Gummy particularly effective. I keep them in my training bag and use it like the classic chocolate milk post-workout staple.

  2. Katie K.

    I ordered the starter kit. Was delivered quickly. First time trying Gummies, they were delicious. The honey sticks have a potent taste but you quickly develop a taste for it. These CBD products do really calm my nerves. Easy to travel with. The guys running the company care. A lot. I received a thank you card in my kit and in the mail. Will be ordering again.

  3. Amanda H. (verified owner)


  4. Robin S. (verified owner)

    Thanks for a great product works great

  5. Walter L. (verified owner)

    I’ve used CBD drops before so it’s really not that different. The berry taste is ok. It does get me relaxed and that’s the most important thing. Love having the gummies as a part of the starter pack. I definitely enjoy the gummies a lot more than the drops. I’m thinking because it’s gets broken down in the stomach and calms you quicker? It may be a placebo effect but I do like the gummies over the drops. Thanks definitely will purchase more

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Flavored CBD Tincture

Effective and efficient, this CBD tincture provides 16.6mg of CBD per serving in a tasty mixed berry flavor.

  • 10 servings
  • 170mg of CBD (16.6mg/ml)
  • Taken Sublingually

CBD Gummy Drops

Delicious, convenient gummies that provide exactly 12mg of CBD per serving.

  • 5 servings
  • 60mg (12mg per gummy)
  • Taken Orally

Full Spectrum CBD

Nature at its Best 

In what is known as the entourage effect, studies show that CBD is more effective when surrounded by the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids naturally found in hemp plants. That’s why these products are made from whole-plant hemp extract, rather than isolated CBD.

  • CBD
  • 100+ Additional Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes & Flavonoids
  • Essential Fatty Acids (including Omega 3 & Omega 6)
  • 20 amino acids (including nine essential oils)
  • Vitamins A, C, & E

Dedicated to Quality

Quality, safety, and transparency are at the core of everything we do. When you order our CBD Starter pack, you know you’re getting a premier CBD product.


We only use high-quality industrial hemp


Frontier Jackson products are all-natural, non-GMO, and pesticide free


CO2 Extraction is used to keep the product safe and pure


Our products are lab tested and include a certificate of analysis to give you a transparent look at exactly what’s in your product.

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