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Frontier Jackson's CBD Starter Pack

CBD Starter Pack

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Frontier Jackson CBD Gummy Drops

Full Spectrum CBD Gummy Drops (360mg)


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Frontier Jackson's Daily CBD Softgels

Full Spectrum CBD Daily Softgels (750mg)


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Frontier Jackson's All Natural CBD Honey Stix

CBD Honey Stix


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Hemp Based

Full Spectrum

All Natural

Lab Tested

“This is my second purchase of the Gummies. I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately and have had trouble sleeping. Since taking the gummy drops (2 a day), I have had a huge sense of relief when it comes to feeling so anxious. In addition, I’ve been able to sleep 7 hours a night and only wake up once during the night. Thank you so much FJ for creating this product! If anyone out there is experiencing restlessness, anxiety, trouble sleeping – I highly recommend these!”

Julia C.

"I have RA and experience pain and stiffness in my hands and feet. Recently the symptoms have gotten worst and the medicines I take for the RA, Enbrel injections and prednisone, just are not working as well as they have in the past… About 2-3 hrs after taking one 25 mg/capsule I noticed a significant reduction in pain and stiffness in my hands… The relief last about one day and I don’t get all the side effects of the other medicines."


John P.

The Power of Hemp Harnessed

When combined with cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, and other naturally occurring vitamins found in hemp, CBD becomes more effective through what’s known as the entourage effect. This is why we use full spectrum CBD hemp oil inside all of our edible options, instead of just isolate powders.




100+ Cannabinoids





Dedicated to Quality

  • Each edible includes CBD taken from industrial hemp
  • CBD is gathered from CO2 extraction for highest purity
  • Includes only all-natural, non-GMO, pesticide-free CBD oil

Complete Transparency

Every CBD edible offered by Frontier Jackson is lab tested and includes a certificate of analysis, letting you get a first-hand look at exactly what goes into our products. See for yourself:

 Why You’ll Love CBD Edibles




By taking either a gummy or CBD stick, there’s truly no simpler way to get a daily dose of CBD.


Long Lasting

CBD edibles provide long-lasting relief due to the delayed release of nutrients through the digestive process. This is preferred by anyone looking for longer-lasting, whole-body support.


Exact Dosing

CBD edibles make it easy for you to know how much CBD you’re getting with each dose. Need more CBD? Take a second edible per day to supplement your body’s needs.

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