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New to CBD?

Try two of our most popular products at one low cost with the CBD Starter Pack at only $29.99!

CBD For General Wellness

CBD is the all-natural alternative individuals have turned to as they set out on a new path toward balancing their mental and general health.

CBD For Athletes

Find a new way to prepare for and recover from rigorous training with the help of an all-natural, USADA approved CBD product.

CBD For Seniors

Set out on your own path and continue enjoying the active lifestyle you love with the help of CBD.

CBD For Pets

Keep your pets feeling energized, happy, and feeling great with the beneficial properties of full spectrum CBD.

The Tools You Need

CBD Buying Guide

It can be difficult to figure out where to start with CBD when you’re new to using it. Fortunately, Frontier Jackson is here to help. Whether you’re wondering about the uses and benefits of CBD or the different types of CBD products, our buying guide is here to answer your questions.

CBD Starter Pack

Our CBD starter kit is the perfect option for anyone new to CBD. It allows you to try different products to see which works but for you, while also giving you the chance to experience the effects of CBD and how it works for 10 days.

CBD Product Reviews

Frontier Jackson CBD Gummy Drops

CBD Gummy Drops

“This is my second purchase of the Gummies. I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately and have had trouble sleeping. Since taking the gummy drops (2 a day), I have had a huge sense of relief when it comes to feeling so anxious. In addition, I’ve been able to sleep 7 hours a night and only wake up once during the night. Thank you so much FJ for creating this product! If anyone out there is experiencing restlessness, anxiety, trouble sleeping – I highly recommend these!”
– Julia Cole
CBD Soft Chews for Pets by Frontier Jackson

CBD Soft Chews for Pets

“I have a female rescue dog who is around 5 years old (the vet thinks)! She has bad anxiety, specifically when meeting new people or traveling in the car, which is quite frequently. I’ve tried multiple things such as the thunder shirt, dog seatbelts and prescription anxiety medication. I give her 3 soft chews a day and have noticed she is much less anxious after taking them. She also loves the flavor 🙂”

– elkontor
Mixed Berry Flavored 4000mg CBD Oil by Frontier Jackson

Flavored CBD Tincture

“I am a 77-year-old male and, up until a couple of months ago, had suffered from neck and back discomfort for the past two years. I had tried a number of traditional medical treatments for the condition with little success. I had gotten some temporary relief from acupuncture treatments, but the condition would return about three weeks after the treatment. Toward the end of the acupuncture regimen, I began taking CBD oil and have not been troubled with the condition since taking the oil daily.”



Enhance Your Lifestyle with CBD Products


Our CBD oil products are designed to give your body an all-natural boost. All of our products are lab-tested and include a certificate of authenticity so you can trust that you’re getting a quality CBD product with the exact ingredients and doses that are on the label.

CBD Edibles

If you don’t love taking CBD in oil form, CBD gummies and daily softgels make it easy to take 25mg each day while giving you the same benefits found in our great CBD tinctures.

CBD Topicals

Our CBD topical products are designed to be applied directly to areas where you’re experiencing joint or muscles soreness. These products can also be combined with CBD oil or edible products to deliver a more rounded solution to wellness.

CBD For Pets

Help your pets live a more balanced life with an oil, CBD treat, shampoo, or spray designed specifically for furry friends. Our all-natural, full spectrum CBD pet products have a wide variety of uses to help your pet feel their best.

We’re Here to Help You Forge the Path Ahead

We understand how intimidating the unknown can be for those who’ve never strayed from common path. That’s why Frontier Jackson strives to be the guide for you in your new frontier.

If you have the desire to change your life for the better, get the fresh start you’ve always wanted, or venture boldly into the wilderness, Frontier Jackson is here to take that journey with you.

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