CBD for Athletes

Athletes today are always looking for new ways to improve sports performance. But what about sports recovery? With the help of Frontier Jackson, athletes can find alternative recovery options that allow for a more natural, balanced lifestyle in the long run.

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Why Athletes Use CBD

As athletes, we put our bodies through the ringer on a daily basis. Between practices, weightlifting, accessory work, and competitions, the toll our bodies take can leave us feeling sore and depleted. Fortunately, CBD is here to help. Here are just some of the benefits CBD offers today’s athletes…

Alternative to NSAIDs & Opioids

Whether amateur or professional, athletes deal with inflammation or soreness in muscles and joints. To alleviate these nagging pains, many turn to non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or even opioids when dealing with larger injuries. With CBD, that could change. Studies conducted over the years have found signs of CBD helping to reduce inflammation and pain, similar to NSAIDs and opioids. By limiting the use (or overuse) of NSAIDs and opioids, specifically any containing acetaminophen, athletes can better protect against liver damage while still receiving similar pain-relieving benefits.

Safer on Stomach

Traditional pain medications and prescriptions can also do damage to the stomach or create other issues like constipation when taken in large quantities over a prolonged period of time. With topical products, CBD is absorbed transdermally avoiding the gastrointestinal tract entirely. People who use CBD have also found gummies, oils, and daily softgels to be easy on their stomachs.

Sleep Aid

To get the most out of athletic performance and ensure that the body has the chance to recover, sleep is absolutely necessary. Some studies have shown that CBD could have positive effects on increasing sleep time, as well as increasing sleep latency (i.e., how quickly a person falls asleep). For athletes to stay at the top of their game, being able to sleep more soundly and fall asleep quicker can go a long way.

What Athletes are Saying about CBD

Great product. I’m a 27 year old male and very active in running, working out and golfing. Golfing in particular causes me major discomfort and stiffness in my lower back. Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been applying CBD Ice in the morning when I wake up, plus before and after my rounds/workouts. My comfort level when using the product, along with stretching has increased dramatically. Also, my range of motion has increased. Love this stuff.


A great product to keep in the athletic bag! I’ve found FJ Ice to be extremely effective at reducing or eliminating training-related pains such as muscle/tendon strains, chronic tendonitis, muscle tightness and joint tightness. Applying immediately post-workout seems to yield great results.

Also, I recently tweaked a MCL and medial meniscus while skiing. I applied this product morning, post-training and night. Symptoms were substantially eliminated in a few days. I’ve had enough past experiences to know that this tweak typically means 7-14 days for me. Pretty impressive.


If I do a hike and take CBD, I don’t feel nearly as sore, especially the next day. It seems to alleviate the usual pain in my feet. It’s pretty insane! I had a couple of falls, took CBD, and used the CBD ice, and that really helped with the pain. The day after, it was almost like it didn’t happen. You don’t really feel anything. I just feel the results
Camila N.

Is CBD Allowed in Competition?

For today’s athlete looking at CBD as a solution to address pain and inflammation, one question remains: Is it legal in competition? The answer is both yes and no.

As of 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and its affiliates, including the USADA, approved of the use of CBD for athletes in and out of competition. For athletes competing in sports that are governed by the International Olympic Committee or International Paralympic Committee, as well as other high-level fitness athletes, CBD is allowed. However, other cannabis products that include higher levels of THC greater than 0.3% are still prohibited.

Unfortunately, professional sports organizations like the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, and PGA still have restrictions on the use of CBD and other cannabis products, leaving athletes in major U.S. sports leagues on the outside when it comes to taking advantage of the potential benefits offered by CBD.

CBD Products for Athletes

CBD Oils

One of the easiest ways to get CBD into your system is with oils taken orally. With just a few drops under your tongue, the mucus membranes in your mouth help to absorb all the vitamins and nutrients your body wants. It’s perfect to take before bed to help in overnight recovery while aiding in your sleep regimen, or to take first thing in the morning to ensure your body feels its best before your next workout.

CBD Edibles

Start your day by taking care of lingering pains from yesterday’s practice or training session with a single gummy or softgel that can be taken twice a day, providing you with extended periods of relief.

CBD Topicals

When combined with a CBD edible or oil, a topical can provide additional relief to specific areas of discomfort. This is great for athletes who experience discomfort in key areas of the body necessary to performing at a high level.

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