Even after demystifying the basics of CBD in our beginner’s guide, there are plenty of questions to ask. How do you use CBD oil? Does it make a difference if it comes from hemp or marijuana? What about full spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate? Can you use it for your pets? Keep reading for a comprehensive introduction into the various CBD products for sale and find which is best for your wellness needs.

Hemp CBD vs. Marijuana CBD

CBD can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana plants. The major difference between these plants is the amount of CBD and THC in each. The difference between CBD and THC is multifaceted, but most people are interested in whether hemp CBD oil can cause psychoactive effects.

The short answer is no, CBD oil from industrial hemp has 0.3% or less THC in it, which isn’t enough to give you that “high” feeling. Marijuana CBD oil doesn’t have that restriction and can contain more, possibly causing unwanted symptoms. This is why the majority of CBD products, including all products sold by Frontier Jackson, are hemp-based.

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil vs. CBD Isolate

CBD and THC, the two most popular and well-known cannabinoids, are far from the only ones in the cannabis plant.

Full Spectrum CBD oil keeps all of those cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, and nutrients working together to create a balanced option for your wellness. CBD isolate takes the opposite tactic, focusing on the purest form of CBD available (presented in a crystal or powder), which can then be made into a tincture or added to food.

Because of the beneficial properties found in the additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and other components found in full spectrum CBD, it’s the preferred choice by many. Many believe that all the components of a plant working together is much more powerful than isolated components on their own. This is often referred to as “the entourage effect.”

Ways to Take CBD

There are several great ways to use CBD. Depending on how quickly you’d like to experience effects, price, and your personal taste, you might want to try different methods to see what works best for you.

Pure CBD Oil

CBD oil is extracted directly from hemp plants. This method often carries a bigger price tag because it tends to have the highest levels of CBD. Full-spectrum CBD hemp oil contains other cannabinoids and nutrients, and it can be added to food, drinks, or consumed orally.

Benefits of Pure CBD Oil

  • CBD oil is taken sublingually (i.e., held under the tongue for a minute before swallowing the remaining liquid) and absorbs into the bloodstream fairly quickly.
  • The potent nature of CBD oil means that you don’t need a lot for desired effects.
  • Some CBD oils are specially engineered for vaping, although you should be careful not to inhale anything that isn’t made expressly for that purpose.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Mixed Berry Flavored 500mg CBD Oil by Frontier Jackson

Although taken the same way as CBD oils, CBD tinctures are a specialized oil mixed with carrying agents like alcohols or flavored oils (Fruit and mint are common). They take a liquid form and usually come with a dropper, although some are sprays or packaged in pump bottles.

Benefits of CBD Tinctures

  • CBD tinctures are quick to absorb into the bloodstream when taken sublingually.
  • These CBD products are often flavored, which can make them more palatable for the hemp-averse.
  • Tinctures tend to be a very affordable option for both beginners and experienced CBD users.

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CBD Topicals

Frontier Jackson's Soothing CBD Salve

From lotions to lip balm, CBD topicals are anything that you apply directly onto your skin. Usually in a cream or wax form, these are great options for localized results, since they’ll be interacting with your skin versus absorbing into your bloodstream.

Benefits of CBD Topicals

  • CBD topicals tend to be very affordable since they have a lighter density of CBD in them.
  • The method of consumption means that CBD topicals are incredibly easy to use.
  • The effects of CBD topicals can last for hours, so it’s easy to include them in your routine.
  • CBD topicals are discreet, since using topicals in everyday life is very common.

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CBD Pills

Frontier Jackson's Daily CBD Softgels

CBD capsules and pills are exactly what they sound like. A powdered form of CBD inside a capsule is swallowed and absorbed through digestion. They have no taste and typically last longer than other methods.

Benefits of CBD Pills

  • CBD pills and capsules have a set amount of CBD in them, so you don’t have to measure it out yourself.
  • It’s very easy to use CBD pills, especially since most people have swallowed similar vitamins, supplements, or medication.
  • Because CBD pills are absorbed when digested, they tend to have particularly long-lasting effects.

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CBD Edibles

Frontier Jackson CBD Gummy Drops

Although often associated with THC, edibles are a great way to consume CBD. CBD edibles are any food item with added CBD, from candies to pastries. CBD gummies and other edibles are absorbed through the stomach during digestion.

Benefits of CBD Edibles

  • This is the biggest selling point of CBD edibles: They taste delicious. No matter your craving, you can probably find a flavor to match.
  • The method of absorption means that CBD edibles tend to last a long time.
  • CBD edibles are perhaps the easiest method of CBD consumption.

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CBD for Pets

CBD Dog Treats by Frontier Jackson

Your furry, scaly, and feathered friends don’t have to be left out of the nationwide enthusiasm for CBD. There are several options for animal CBD products, although the most popular are in the form of oils.

Benefits of CBD for Pets

  • You won’t have to force-feed CBD supplements to your pets if you use the oil and tincture forms. Just add it to their food.
  • CBD for pets is specifically formulated for non-humans, so it’s safe to use (although you should always confirm with your veterinarian beforehand).

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There are many ways to take CBD. When choosing between products, it’s important to find a quality product that is high quality, that you enjoy taking, and that helps you to achieve your lifestyle goals. Browse our selection of full spectrum CBD products today!

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