How long does CBD oil last? There’s no firm expiration date for CBD hemp oils, gummies, and topical creams. But like most wellness products, they can lose their effectiveness over time. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to extend CBD’s shelf life and ensure you’re seeing the full benefits of CBD. We’ll help you learn how long CBD products last, what elements affect them, and how you can prolong their effectiveness in the guide below.

How Long Do CBD Products Last?

CBD has a finite optimum freshness window. Most CBD products remain fresh for up to two years. If you’re using them consistently as part of a healthy, more balanced lifestyle, you’ll most likely refill your order far before the product degrades.

Cannabinoids and other compounds in hemp deteriorate, so CBD oils will eventually go bad. Expired products aren’t poisonous or dangerous, but the taste, smell, and color may be affected. They may begin to taste rancid or carry an unfamiliar scent.

Bottom line: The fresher your product, the more effectively it will help you stimulate your endocannabinoid system and provide the desired result—whether that’s reduced anxiety, inflammation relief, or better sleep.

What Affects CBD Freshness?

There are several elements that can affect the freshness of CBD products and cause them to deteriorate more quickly. Monitoring and controlling these conditions will prolong the shelf life of CBD.


It’s ideal to store CBD products at or below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything warmer may cause the chemicals in CBD oil to decompose and/or melt. Extreme cold can also freeze the oil and make it harder to administer.


Extensively exposing your CBD products to sunlight will speed up the degradation process. The UV rays in sunlight can break chemical bonds of CBD molecules and cause your CBD vape oils to lose their efficacy. This is why Frontier Jackson sells its CBD tinctures in white, UV-blocking bottles.

Air & Moisture

Exposure to air will cause your CBD to become oxidized and less effective, while too much moisture can negatively affect chemical bonds in CBD vape oils through hydrolysis. All CBD products should be stored in airtight containers with a tight lid to defend against air, water, and humidity.

How Do I Store CBD to Maintain Freshness?

Find a cool, dry, and dark place to store your CBD. Here are a few places that could work as a suitable environment for CBD storage:

  • Cupboard
  • Pantry
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Basement
  • Personal locker

Also, while it may be convenient to have your CBD products available at all times, be careful when carrying them in personal totes, such as gym bags and purses. Especially if you leave these bags in a vehicle or near windows, you could be exposing your CBD to sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Should CBD Oil Be Refrigerated?

Refrigeration can help prolong the effectiveness of CBD hemp oils by protecting them from heat and light. It does cause the oil to become thicker, so you may need to run your CBD tinctures under warm water before use to loosen them up. However, refrigeration can also expose your products to moisture, so be sure the cap is tightly sealed before storing bottles.

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