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About Camila

  • Born in Brazil
  • Lives in Los Angeles
  • Star on MTV’s “The Challenge”
  • World traveler
  • Fitness enthusiast
  • Ukulele lover

“People know me for the intense, competitive side they’ve seen of me on MTV. I have a lot of passion and drive that fuels me in my personal life, but I’m also a very kind and calm person that wants to inspire people.”

Live for What Matters

“Live for what matters is my life mantra. When I found my purpose and dedicated my time to it, I became so much happier, and everyone is capable of doing the same. Whether that’s traveling, hiking, or simply taking the time have coffee without distractions, focusing on the things that matter and make you happy is something I’m passionate about, and I love to find others with the same mission as me and share their stories.”

World Traveler

Camila considers the world her home. She enjoys aspects of traveling that push her outside of her comfort zone, such as not knowing the language, not knowing where she’s going, and having no WiFi. She loves to immerse herself in new cultures, live like a local, and puts an emphasis on meeting people and learning from them.

“If I’m visiting somewhere for ten days, I like to take eight of those days to live like a local and two to relax and be on vacation. I love to spend as little money as possible, [immerse] myself into the culture, and stay in others’ homes or hostels to learn how they live their life.”

Music Lover

Music has always been part of Camila’s life. When she was young, she played flute, piano, and hand bells at church. More recently, the ukulele has become a staple in her life.

“While in Oregon, my friend had a ukulele and offered to teach me a song. I learned that one song and was hooked. I bought my own and I play it all the time. It’s my therapy. I bring it with me whenever I travel, have taught children in other countries how to play, and have even had friends buy one after seeing me play. It’s simple and fun, but it’s so powerful.”


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How Camila Forged Her Own Path

“There came a point where I was in a really dark place. During my MTV days, I lost people really close to me, but wasn’t able to talk with or visit my family. I got to the point where I realized I needed to live for what matters to me. I picked myself back up and remembered the things that made me happy as a kid, which was music and sports. I started to bring more of that into my life and joy followed. Now, I feel stronger than I’ve ever been. If you’re really determined, you can do anything.”

Joining the Frontier Jackson Team

“Frontier Jackson represents a lifestyle. It’s about getting out and living your life, and the products are designed to help people achieve the lifestyle they desire. This is really appealing to me and the people that follow me.”

Using CBD for the First Time

“I’m excited to try it and go on this journey with others who are just trying CBD for the first time. I live a fast-paced life, and being involved with fitness, I’m constantly being marketed products that hype you up. As someone that’s on the go and very active, I need down time to relax, and it’s refreshing to know there are products out there that are calming. For me, CBD is a whole new approach to fitness and living an active lifestyle.”

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