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About Victoria

  • Born in Los Angeles
  • Grew up between LA, London, and New York
  • Singer, Songwriter, Director
  • World Traveler
  • Horror movie buff

“Outside of life as an artist, my friends always joke that they don’t know anyone else as dedicated to the genre of horror as I am. I love going to see every bad horror film that comes out, which can usually end up with me in the movie theater by myself.”

See New Things, Experience New Cultures

Having spent most of her earlier life traveling from coast to coast and then to London and back, Victoria found at a young age how beneficial travel can be. While on tour, she had the chance to experience various cultures and people, which she understands is a different experience than others may get but believes that shouldn’t stop you.

“Travel is really important if you’re able to do it. You should see other cultures and be in the know of what’s going on in the world and to experience it for yourself so that you’re not just shut in to the world around you. “

One Month Turns to 10 Years

“During my first year at NYU, I was really focused on a career in film. I was working with Michel Gondry, and then Robert Downey Jr., but there was a point where I just started thinking ‘Where do I go from here?’ Then, I had posted a few songs to MySpace and eventually I got a call from a friend asking if I wanted to join their band and go on tour. I thought, well, this is a chance to do something different. So, I just said ‘yes’. I expected it to only be a month or so and then I would get back to film, but all of a sudden it became ten years of music and touring.”

Using CBD

“I have a lot of neck problems and when I’ve tried CBD in the past, it’s been a big help in reducing the muscle pain I feel and giving me some relief. Additionally, any kind of anxiety I feel, I’m hoping that CBD can help to make any anxiety attack less severe. Something that can help to chill you out is what I’m looking for.”

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How Victoria Forged Her Own Path

“It’s kind of cliché, but a lot of times it’s when you’re at your lowest low that opportunities will pop up. When the band was coming to a close, I was having a mental breakdown thinking ‘Who am I?’ I began trying to imagine that I was an old lady on my deathbed, and I started asking myself what I would have wished I had done before I died. The answer always came to release my own music and pursue film, eventually to direct a feature length horror film.”
Since 2016, Victoria has been releasing her own music through her YouTube channel and other streaming services, and she has helped direct multiple title sequences for major TV shows, as well as music videos and commercials.

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