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CBD has hit the golf world by storm. Some of the most well-known golfers on the tour are using CBD to help their mental focus while on the course, and to aid their recovery off of it.

Frontier Jackson is proud to be the Title Sponsor of the Indiana Open Championship.

Sell Premium CBD Products

Golf Daily Softgels

Offering long-lasting, full-body relief, our softgels are designed to help golfers feel their best every day.

Golf CBD Ice

This topical application allows golfers to treat areas of soreness or pain directly to help them recover from their last round or get ready for the next one.

Golf CBD Starter Kit

The golf starter kit includes 10 servings of tincture, 5 servings of CBD gummies, and 1 ounce of CBD salve.

Golf CBD Tincture

Providing fast-acting, full-body relief, our CBD tincture can help golfers feel their best physically and mentally.

Golf CBD Salve

Golfers can target areas of pain or soreness with our convenient and long-lasting CBD Salve.


A simple, effective way to take CBD on the course or on the go.

Golf CBD Gummy Drops

These delicious gummies provide lasting relief to have you feeling and playing your best.


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Stock the pro shop with premium CBD products from Frontier Jackson. With CBD’s rapidly rising popularity in the golf community, it’s the perfect product to have in stock in your clubhouse.

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Sell Online

In addition to access to wholesale prices, you have the ability to refer clients to your Frontier Jackson store. When you signup, you’ll receive a unique link to send clients to, and will receive a 25% commission on all sales you refer.

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Why Offer CBD?

Mental Benefits that Can Boost Performance

Studies have shown that CBD can help reduce stress and anxiety. With these relaxing properties available in a completely non-intoxicating product, golfers can step onto the course focused and relaxed.


Anti-Inflammatory Properties

CBD can help golfers dealing with pain or soreness get ready for their upcoming round or recover from their last outing. Studies have linked the use of CBD to less pain and inflammation, and CBD is a natural alternative to ibuprofen and other NSAIDs.

Products for Any Need

With tinctures, gummies, and topical CBD, golfers have products that meet their exact needs. From full-body relief to applications that target problem areas, fast-acting products that can be used just before the start of a round, or lasting products that help with daily pain, there’s a CBD product to boost every golfer’s game.

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