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Browse Frontier Jackson’s selection of all-natural CBD capsules filled with full spectrum hemp CBD designed to promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

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The Power of Hemp Harnessed

The power behind full spectrum CBD is in what’s known as the “Entourage Effect.” Studies show that CBD is more effective when working alongside the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, and other naturally occurring vitamins found in hemp.




100+ Cannabinoids





Dedicated to Quality

  • Our CBD is extracted from only high-quality industrial hemp
  • Each capsule includes all-natural, non-GMO, pesticide-free CBD
  • Our CBD is gathered using CO2 extraction for safety and purity
  • Each capsule contains individualized ingredients to relieve specific ailments

Complete Transparency

Frontier Jackson lab tests every CBD capsule we offer and provides you with a certificate of analysis, showing you exactly what’s in our products. See for yourself:

 Why You’ll Love CBD Capsules



Specific Needs

Looking for relief from specific issues? CBD capsules include specific, all-natural ingredients shown to help with whole-body support.


Long Lasting

Thanks to a delayed release of nutrients during the digestive process, CBD capsules provide long-lasting relief. This is preferred by those looking for all-day, whole-body support.


Exact Dosing

You’ll always know how much CBD you’re getting with every CBD capsule you take. If you ever need more, take a second capsule during the day when needed.

Considerations When Shopping for CBD Capsules

Identifying if CBD Capsules Are Right for You

CBD capsules offer unique benefits that other CBD products don’t. Capsules can include ingredient profiles that work alongside CBD to address highly specific uses, can have high concentrations of CBD, and are simple to take. CBD capsules release throughout your body slower than products like tinctures, but they also provide longer-lasting benefits as a result.

Finding CBD Capsules that Match Your Needs

Frontier Jackson uses CBD capsules to combine CBD with ingredients proven to help with specific issues. From CBD Daily Softgels that simply provide a convenient way to take CBD to Calm Capsules designed to reduce stress and anxiety to Relief Capsules designed to help reduce inflammation and more, it’s important to choose the capsules that match your reasons for using CBD.

Understanding the Type of CBD in Different Softgels or Capsules

Most of our CBD capsules contain full spectrum CBD in powder form. The CBD powder maintains all of the beneficial properties of CBD oil, but if you’d prefer to take CBD oil itself, our CBD softgels are filled with CBD oil. This comes down to personal preference since both forms of CBD are effective.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Capsules

Do CBD capsules contain THC?

Full spectrum CBD derived from hemp, like the CBD Frontier Jackson sells, will contain trace, non-detectable amounts of THC. These trace amounts (.3% or lower) are legal and will not get you high.

Are CBD capsules as effective as CBD oil?

CBD capsules are as effective, but they work a little differently than CBD oil. Rather than being taken under the tongue and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, CBD capsules are ingested and slowly released into the body. While the CBD takes longer to have an effect, the results will be longer lasting.

How do you store CBD capsules?

Storing CBD in a cool, dark place is best. CBD capsules don’t need to be refrigerated, but they shouldn’t be exposed to high temperatures and significant amounts of light for an extended period of time.

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