From oils to topicals, you can find a variety of methods for using CBD. But what about vaping? Much like CBD itself, vaping has been experiencing a boom in popularity in the last several years. Not only is it a popular smoking alternative, but vaping can also be a fast and effective method of using CBD.

Why CBD Vaping May Be Right for You

Frontier Jackson has several options for using CBD, but our CBD eliquid is formulated to give you the best possible CBD vaping experience. There are plenty of reasons why vaping CBD could be right for you.


Vaping is the fastest delivery system for CBD. For example, using a CBD edible might take up to half an hour to begin working, while vaping CBD can have almost instantaneous effects. That’s because the vapor is absorbed through the thin tissues in your lungs and through your bloodstream, instead of your digestive system. The “bioavailability” is much higher with vaping than other methods as well, which means that more of the CBD dosage is absorbed into the body.


Vaping CBD means that all you’ll need is a small device like a vape pen. This method still boasts whole body effects, like using CBD oil or gummies. It’s also discreet, doesn’t have a strong smell, and is extremely portable—in other words, you won’t have to carry around an entire bottle of CBD oil. CBD vape juices are also available in several flavors. Frontier Jackson offers a mixed berry flavor.


Compared to some other CBD products, CBD vape juice is relatively inexpensive for what you get and its effectiveness, making it one of the most cost-effective choices out there. While it is true that you won’t get a full mgs worth of CBD per inhale of a vape like you would with one dose of CBD oil or a CBD gummy, mouth to lung inhales are the most effective way to get CBD into your system, acting almost instantaneously.

On top of that, you only need a couple of inhales to get an effective dosage of CBD that will last you a few hours, allowing you to save on how much vape juice you use on a weekly basis, compared to how much CBD oil or gummies you may take throughout the week.

How to Vape CBD

Vaping CBD is just like regular vaping, so if you’re already familiar with the process, you can skip ahead. If not, keep reading for a quick explanation of the process.

What You’ll Need

First, you’ll need to find a vape device. If you don’t currently own one, don’t fret. There is a variety of options available for first-time vapers that range in size, shape, and overall experience.

For a simple start, consider an all-in-one device like a pod system that comes with a refillable cartridge and rechargeable battery. These require you to just fill the cartridge with CBD vape juice and then connect them to the device. Simple as that.

If you’d rather go for a device that’s a little more customizable, look for a vape pen. These usually come with a few key components not found in a pod system, most notably an ejuice tank. The tank is where you add your CBD vape oil, as it houses the heating coils that turn the eliquid into the vapor your inhale.

Getting Started

Depending on which device you’ve chosen, getting started will look different, but only slightly. With a pod system device, getting started and beginning to vape your CBD eliquid is as easy as filling the cartridge and connecting it to the vape body. Enjoy at your leisure, and recharge the device whenever you can.

After filling your device, you’ll need to wait a few minutes after filling the tank before you can begin vaping. You need to allow about ten minutes for the CBD eliquid to saturate the wick so that you get the best vape experience.

Additional Tips

  • Start slow. As mentioned before, it doesn’t take much to give you the result you’re looking for, compared to a CBD oil or gummy. Since vaping is almost instantly effective, just a couple of inhales could give you the desired results.
  • Take care of your vape. At some point, your cartridge or the coils in your tank will need to be replaced. If the vaping quality starts to diminish or there starts to be a burnt taste while vaping, it’s time to replace the pod or coil.
  • Get a second vape device. In order to keep yourself on a daily regimen of CBD doses, it may be helpful to have a second device at home or work to give yourself quick relief from any issues you may be experiencing and using CBD to alleviate.

CBD Quality Matters

When buying CBD vape juice, you should take the same care when finding the right option as you would when searching for a CBD oil, edible, or topical solution. Be sure to look out for the following items to make sure you’re getting the best option:

Buy from a Trusted Brand

New CBD vape juices are coming out in waves these days, so it’s important to know that what you’re buying is of the highest quality. Be on the lookout for vape juices that have a certificate of analysis. The CoA will detail everything found in the vape juice, including CBD content and any other cannabinoids found.

Beware of THC Content

Traditional CBD vape juices will contain less than 0.3% THC, which is normal, but it can be easy to potentially confuse a CBD product with a THC vape juice or a CBD vape juice that contains higher traces of THC. Be sure to read the active ingredients list to know that what you’re getting is a pure form of CBD, not a mixture.

Look for a Short Ingredient List

If there are a lot of ingredients you don’t recognize, it’s probably not the best CBD eliquid for you. Additives may sound like a good thing, but they can also do damage to your vape device if you aren’t careful in knowing what can and cannot be vaporized easily.

Never Vape CBD Oil

CBD oil should not be vaped. It is not intended to be inhaled, and could have negative side effects. Make sure that if you’re going to vape CBD, that it’s an eliquid specifically designed to be vaped.

Whether you’re just starting out with vaping CBD ejuice or you’re looking for a new option, check out Frontier Jackson’s mixed berry CBD vape juice. With 8.3mg of CBD/ml, this vape juice will help set you on a new path toward the more balanced lifestyle you seek. Want to learn more about CBD, how it works, and its various uses? Check out these helpful guides from Frontier Jackson.

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