Did you know you can find pain relief with CBD topicals and creams? Take a look at what makes topicals different from other CBD options and see how real people feel about them.

What Are CBD Topicals?

Topical CBD products are typically a type of cream or ointment that has been infused with CBD hemp oil. The reason for doing this is to provide a more targeted CBD solution to areas of discomfort. This is sometimes a preferred option for some—compared to CBD oil or CBD edibles—as topical creams give you the ability to focus on specific areas, instead of trying to treat the body overall.

What Makes CBD Topicals Different?

When it comes to finding the right CBD product to alleviate aches and pains, the main difference between CBD oils, gummies, vape oils, and CBD creams is in the way you get the CBD into your body.

With oils, gummies, and vape juices, you’re getting CBD directly into your bloodstream through the digestive tract or through inhalation. However, with creams and ointments that contain CBD, you’re applying it transdermally—meaning that most of the CBD will be absorbed by the skin, muscles, and nerves, with only trace amounts reaching the bloodstream.

This is important when it comes to trying to address specific aches and pains. With the CBD products that you ingest or inhale, you’re providing your whole body with the benefits that CBD may present. But this doesn’t always get to the root of the issue you’re having. That’s where CBD topicals come in.

With topicals, you’re applying CBD directly to the areas where you’re having trouble. By applying CBD directly onto the skin—which typically takes the longest for you to start feeling the effects—you don’t have to hope that the discomfort you’re experiencing will be taken care of with a full body option.

Reasons to Use CBD Topicals

Even though CBD from topical creams won’t reach your bloodstream and affect more areas of your body than where it has been applied, the reasons people use certain CBD creams is for more than just minor aches. Don’t just take our word for it. Read their stories:

Camila: Relief After Falling

“I had a couple of falls, took CBD, and used the CBD ice, and that really helped with the pain. The day after, it was almost like it didn’t happen. You don’t really feel anything. I just feel the results.”

Robin: Relief from Chronic Stress Fracture

“I have been searching for pain relief for the chronic stress fracture and have never been able to find something that worked until I tried Frontier Jackson. I am a customer for life!”

Chris: Relief from Athletic Training Soreness

“A great product to keep in the athletic bag! I’ve found FJ Ice to be extremely effective at reducing or eliminating training-related pains, such as muscle/tendon strains, chronic tendinitis, muscle tightness, and joint tightness. Applying immediately post-workout seems to yield great results. Also, I recently tweaked a MCL and medial meniscus while skiing. I applied this product morning, post-training, and night. Symptoms were substantially eliminated in a few days. I’ve had enough past experiences to know that this tweak typically means 7-14 days for me. Pretty impressive.”

Benefits of Using CBD Topicals

CBD creams and ointments may be beneficial to helping treat minor aches and pains, and studies have shown that topicals that contain full spectrum CBD hemp oil may also help with several skin inflammation issues, including:

While most research regarding the effectiveness of CBD on skin issues is still ongoing, the salves and ointments that CBD is added to still include beneficial ingredients that help keep skin moisturized.

If you’re ready to try a CBD topical cream for yourself, check out Frontier Jackson’s CBD Ice and CBD Salve. Both contain full spectrum CBD hemp oil and are great when used in combination with other CBD products. Forge your new path toward a more balanced, all-natural lifestyle today.

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