If you’re looking for ways to reduce stress and feel calmer, there are a number of natural calming remedies available that can potentially relieve symptoms of anxiety. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best calming solutions* in our guide.

Natural Calming Remedies

Sometimes, the best way to achieve calmness is by making small lifestyle adjustments, rather than using supplements. Here are few ideas for more natural methods of relieving stress and anxiety.


Regular exercise has been shown to be as effective as medication in some cases. Relief could be as simple as a ten-minute walk each day.


This ancient practice involves inserting needles into pressure points on the body. Studies suggest that this natural treatment for anxiety could help alleviate symptoms.


One of the top natural anxiety relief methods is meditation, an exercise that uses mental and breathing techniques to help you achieve a more relaxed state.

Electronics Detox

Unplugging from electronics, even for a short amount of time, has been shown improve sleep and provide several other benefits that produce a calming effect.


A great way to lower tension and produce a calm feeling is through massage therapy, a process of stimulating various muscle groups to reduce anxiety, heart rate, and pain.


Even a small amount of exposure to sunlight can be one of the best natural anti-depressants, as it triggers the brain to increase serotonin release, a hormone associated with calmness and mood boosting.

Avoiding Sugar & Caffeine

Foods and beverages containing sugar and caffeine can sometimes mimic symptoms of anxiety. Cutting down on them is one of the easiest stress remedies.

Natural Calming Agents

For those looking to add supplements along with calming lifestyle adjustments, there are plenty of natural agents available to reduce anxiety.

Adaptogenic Herbs

Sometimes referred to as “tonics,” adaptogenic herbs for anxiety, such as ginseng and borage, help regulate hormone production and flow, potentially leading to feelings of calmness.

Chamomile Tea

Made from chamomile flowers, which contain flavonoids—chemicals that help with inflammation, anti-fungals, and antioxidants—this tea is thought to help with relaxation and sleep.


Among the most popular natural sedatives is lavender, a flower best described by its distinctive scent. Studies have shown that the scent helps lower blood pressure and heart rate, eliciting feelings of calmness.


A lesser known essential oil is vetiver, extracted from a grass native to India. Similar to lavender, smelling vetiver’s scent can produce relaxed and calm sensations.

Valerian Root

A common natural remedy used for depression, valerian root is commonly made into tea and has helped alleviate depression symptoms in some cases.


This vitamin is one of the best supplements for anxiety, as it acts as a mood stabilizer and muscle relaxer, which is powerful in achieving a calmer state.


Made up of six different vitamins, the B-Complex group has the potential to play a role in regulating or boosting mood and energy levels.

Epsom Salt

One of the top natural remedies for anxiety is epsom salt, which is most often used in baths. In additional to helping lower blood pressure and regulate mood, epsom salt’s magnesium ions are absorbed by the skin, which helps with pain and inflammation.


There are a number of potential calming benefits with CBD use, ranging from serotonin management to endocannabinoid system regulation and more. Additionally, there are a variety of ways to consume CBD, including sublingually, topically, and by ingesting.

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