When people think of ways to relieve pain and reduce inflammation throughout the body, they typically think of over-the-counter medications. But all-natural solutions like CBD may be a better alternative to alleviating some of the issues associated with pain.

How CBD Can Help with Pain

No matter what age you are, if you have to deal with chronic pain or inflammation, maneuvering through the day can be difficult. CBD may be able to help. More people are turning to CBD to take the place of over-the-counter options like aspirin or ibuprofen to care for minor aches and pains in addition to helping reduce inflammation.

Fortunately, research on CBD is beginning to ramp up after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. With these increased studies, researchers have discovered that CBD has capabilities of relieving pains caused by…

As well as helping to reduce inflammation and the effects felt from…

How CBD Works with Your Body

Living with less pain and inflammation may seem like a simple objective, but it’s unfortunately tough to do. With the help of CBD, we can potentially amplify natural hormones in our body’s endocannabinoid system—like anandamide, which helps regulate mood and pain—to better control how we feel on a daily basis. To get the desired effect of CBD, however, you need to know how it will interact with your natural cannabinoid receptors first within our endocannabinoid system.

CB1 Receptors

Found abundantly within our brain and nervous system, CB1 receptors and CBD do not bind completely, but CBD has been shown to help these receptors become more effective at receiving our body’s natural cannabinoids. In the case of anandamide, some bodies are prone to break down and get rid of this hormone quickly, which can become a problem and lead to feelings of anxiety and even increases in pain. With the introduction of CBD, the breakdown of anandamide by the FAAH enzyme is slowed. With more anandamide reaching cannabinoid receptors, the better you may ultimately feel.

CB2 Receptors

In addition to CB1 receptors, our bodies also contain the CB2 receptor, which is found more abundantly throughout our immune and gastrointestinal systems. These receptors are believed to help regulate appetite, inflammation, and pain. Similar to CB1 receptors, CBD binds indirectly with CB2 receptors. This indirect adherence to the receptor can help to interfere with other proteins trying to bind with the CB2 receptors, which in turn may actually help to rebalance the effects of natural cannabinoids. With this balancing effect, we may experience less pain and inflammation, especially within the GI tract.

Benefits of Choosing CBD for Pain

Aside from the fact that CBD is an all-natural supplement, choosing CBD over other pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medications can bring about other benefits as well. Here’s how:

Lessens Dependence on NSAIDs

As more people are prescribed different medications, the reliance on them will continue to rise. Over time, this may lead to issues like addiction or an increased tolerance to a certain remedy’s effects, influencing the taking of higher dosages that could bring additional health issues down the line. In recent years, CBD has shown the ability to work as an all-natural alternative. If this continues, the use of CBD may help to protect the body against issues like ulcers or constipation, which are often associated with increased usage of opioids and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs.

Legal to Use in Most Sports

Athletes of all sizes and at every level are all looking for better ways to help their bodies recover. For years, it has always been to focus on RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevate) when dealing with tweaks to joints or to just grin and bear it when necessary. But with CBD, which has been approved by USADA to use both in and out of competition*, many elite athletes now have a natural option available that helps them get back to training and continue to compete at a high level.

Unfortunately, CBD is not legal to all high-level athletes. Major sports organizations like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and MLS prohibit the use of cannabinoids (e.g., CBD, THC, etc.) entirely.

*Cannabidiol is permitted by USADA, but all other cannabinoids are not.

Multiple Options Available

With the options of CBD oils, tinctures, edibles, vape juices, daily capsules, and even topicals, providing your body with the beneficial properties of CBD is easier than you may think. Depending on what you’re looking to accomplish, whether it’s full-body relief or targeting specific areas, the variety of CBD products available make it easy for anyone to find what they need.

  • For Full-Body Relief: Oils, tinctures, edibles, capsules, vape juices
  • For Targeting Specific Areas: Topicals

As more information is gathered and research continues to expand, the viability of CBD for pain management may rise and become more widely available. When that happens, Frontier Jackson will be here to help guide you onto a new path toward a more natural way of living.

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