The introduction of the 2018 Farm Bill was an enormous win for the industrial hemp industry, as the cultivation, production, sale, and possession of hemp was legalized at the federal level. Since then, hemp-based products have exploded in both type and popularity. So which products are the best? Check out our guide for the best hemp-based products below.

Hemp Extract (CBD)

Frontier Jackson's 500mg Unflavored CBD Oil

Full spectrum CBD is one of the top hemp products out there. It offers multiple potential benefits in terms of pain, sleep, inflammation, and more.

Hop Soap with Hemp Oil

flemming hop hemp soap

Starting with locally-grown hops as the base, this soap incorporates 25ml of hemp oil into each bar.

Lavender Hemp Himalayan Salt Scrub

If you’ve had a long day, hop in the bathtub with this hemp salt scrub! Relax your muscles while the hemp oil moisturizes and heals your skin.

Hemp Shampoo & Conditioner

dr organic hemp shampoo

Rich in essential fatty acids, this vegetarian shampoo and conditioner is infused with hemp oil to help achieve healthy-looking hair!

All-Natural Hemp Bath Bombs

belle and beau bath bomb

Take your bath game to the next level with these hemp bath bombs. While other bath bombs use harsh chemicals, these are free from fillers, chemicals, and perfumes and leave you feeling relaxed.

Hemp Seed Protein Powder

Looking for an all-natural way to bulk up? This raw hemp seed protein powder makes a great addition to shakes and smoothies!

Hemp Honey

Need a quick, easily portable snack? Try these vegan honey sticks that are infused with Oregon-grown hemp.

Hemp Rings

For a unique take on traditional rings, try these hemp ones. Made of hemp string, they’re hand-braided, comfortable to wear, and come in a variety of sizes to fit everyone!

Hemp Jeans

Need some new, comfortable jeans? Try these 100% hemp jeans that are very breathable and can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Hemp Hats

hemp hats

To keep the sun out of your face and your neck cool, try these hats that are 100% made from hemp and have a soft cotton lining.

Hemp Eyewear

3D printed hemp sunglasses

If hats aren’t your thing, opt for these 3D printed sunglasses that are constructed from hemp-PLA plastic. They also throw in lenses that shield your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Hemp Fabric

hemp fabric in white

Similar to linen in texture, these variations of hemp fabric can be purchased by the yard. The 10oz hemp fabric is perfect for shower curtains and window curtains, while the 6oz version is ideal for clothing.

Natural Hemp Cord

multiple colors of hemp cord

Making bracelets or some other kind of jewelry? Consider hemp cord, which is available in 16 different colors.

Vintage Hemp Rug

handmade hemp rugs

At 7.5 feet x 5.8 feet, these vintage handmade hemp rugs are the perfect size for most living rooms.

Hemp Cushions

all white hemp cushions

Swap out some couch pillows for these super soft, durable hemp-wrapped cushions. They also come with a carry handle, so they’re easy to transport for outdoor events.

Hemp Duvet Cover

hemp duvet cover=

If you’re looking for a new duvet cover that gets softer and more comfortable with each wash, this hemp cover is for you! It’s also made with rubber buttons for improved durability.

Hemp-Wrapped Soy Candles

soy candle with hemp cord

For a stylish twist on candles, grab these soy candles wrapped in hemp cord. These long-lasting candles burn clean, retain their smell, and look great!

Hemp Yoga Mat

handmade hemp yoga mat

It’s time to upgrade your yoga mat to this handmade, biodegradable, durable mat. These eco-friendly yoga mats are free from latex and very durable.

Hemp Hoodie

hemp hoodie

Looking for a new, comfy hoodie made with eco-friendly materials? Check out this 100% hemp option.

Hemp Watch Band

hemp wristband for a watch

Accompanying this bamboo wood watch is a hemp band, which gives each individual band its own unique feel due to the hemp’s texture.

Hemp Backpack

backpack made from hemp

Made from 100% hemp material and handcrafted in Nepal, these backpacks are incredibly durable and breathable.

Hemp Makeup Bag/Tablet Bag

tablet or makeup bag made of hemp

Perfect for makeup bag or a tablet, these small hemp bags are made from 50-100% hemp, depending on the color.

Hemp Paper

hemp paper cream color

Made from hemp plant fiber, this 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper is a smart, environmentally-friendly way to print things.

Hemp Burlap Sacks

burlap bag made of hemp

Coming in two different sizes (2×3 inches and 3×5 inches), these small hemp sacks are perfect for party favors, showers, and wedding receptions.

Hemp Dog Toy

dog walking with hemp dog toy

Your fur babies will love this huge squeaky carrot toy! Made of several layers of tough hemp canvas and stuffed with organic cotton, your pooch won’t be able to get enough.

Hemp Dog Leash

green dog lease made of hemp

Where style meets function, this double-layered dog leash is made of hemp and is extremely durable. The wrist strap is also fleece-lined to prevent rubbing.

Cold-Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil

bottle of hemp seed oil

If you’re having skin care troubles, hemp seed oil may be your solution. With anti-inflammatory properties, hemp seed oil can help with swelling, skin detox, and more.

Hemp Lighter

lit hemp lighter with beeswax

Hate the smell of butane when lighting up your favorite cigar? Try these hemp lighters that are made of hemp fibers and beeswax. It burns clean and leaves no taste behind.


hempcrete from american lime technology

Made of the inner woody core of the hemp plant and mixed with a lime-based binder, this product is sometimes used as a replacement of regular concrete for the construction of buildings and other structures.

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